Accredited Dental Hygiene School

An accredited dental hygiene school should be your top priority if you are thinking about this career. There are many schools to choose from, but completing dental hygiene continuing education courses from an unaccredited school can mean not having real world employers recognize your degree.

Our mission here at Accredited Online University is to refer our visitors to only reputable schools. At the end of this page, we will give you links where you can easily access our top picks to get more information absolutely free.

Pursuing dental hygiene continuing education is a smart career move because this is a job in high demand, pays well, and takes a lot less time than most other certification programs or degrees.

Before we discuss in more detail why this is such a wise job choice, let's first cover what you will learn at a good accredited dental hygiene school to see if this is the right career for you.

You will learn:

  • training and use of dental equipment (ex: take and developing x rays)
  • cleaning and examining teeth (removing stains, plaque, calcareous deposits)
  • administering anesthetics to local regions of the mouth
  • educating patients on procedures and good oral hygiene health
  • applying flouride, sealants, and examining areas not only in the mouth, but around the neck and face for indications of possible oral cancer

Of course, you will learn more than this at an accredited dental hygiene school, but the aforementioned will give you a good idea of the responsibilities that a dental hygienist has.

If you're still interested in pursuing dental hygiene continuing education courses, here's some really good news about this profession:

  • annual earnings of $54,700
  • Impressive Job growth rate of 37.1%
  • Annual Job Openings: 5,000
  • Education Required: Associate's degree

Now that's impressive! How many people do you know can make $54,700 dollars per year with only 2 years of schooling? Not many is the answer.

In fact, according to the book: "Best Jobs for the 21st Century" dental hygienists rank #143 out of the best 500 jobs overall!

A dental hygiene continuing education should include courses that teach: medical diagnoses of human diseases, injuries, disorders, and deformities; symptoms and treatment options; biology; drug interactions and properties; and preventative oral health.

Individuals who would excel at an accredited dental hygiene school tend to have these skills and characteristics: strong reading comprehension, and effective at verbal communication (that is, can help explain procedures and conditions to patients in a way they easily understand); strong critical thinking (a scientific mind helps a lot in this profession).

Now that you have some good information about the dental hygienist profession, why not look into getting some free information from one or more of Accredited Online University's Top Picks.

Top Picks

The following are the TOP 3 schools we most recommend when it comes to dental hygiene continuing education courses:

American Institute of Health Technology -- offers a great dental hygiene program, and many other health related degrees.

Everest College -- offers dental hygiene programs by state. If you want to study at a local location to you, this is the place to visit.

Vatterrott College -- does not offer a dental hygiene program, but does offer dental assitant programs. Has various campus locations in these states: OH, IA, MO, TN, OK, NE, IL, KS.

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