The Best Animation Courses

The skills and technology behind animation courses have changed drastically since computers became an integral part of our lives.

Along with the technologies of mass communication, the uses of animation have multiplied and spread into every part of the media: video, film, advertising, games, educational materials etc. Once the venue of children’s’ cartoons, animated films are now enjoyed by people of all ages.

Animation sets no limits on creativity and imagination - it’s an art form, and one that is highly valued. It's entertainment, communication, and self-expression all in one. Blossoming from a little known profession, the specialty of just a few individuals, it continues to expand.

Animation training means learning advanced computer skills - animation software and computer gaming graphics in particular. Students learn the secrets of achieving special effects and 3-dimensional effects so prevalent in television, internet, film, and video today. The technology has advanced so much that it is sometimes hard to tell what's real and what's animation. The aspiring student with a creative flair and an eye for detail can soon create breathtakingly realistic graphics or amazingly intricate visuals like those seen in blockbuster movies like Happy Feet.

Animation courses also include more classic visual effects like many of the Walt Disney animated productions or animations now being produced by other companies. Animators create famous and infamous characters through their meticulous work.

Animation classes are offered at many colleges and universities across the United States and Canada. There are also some good courses being offered on the internet - flexible and affordable education that allows students to fast track their education or take it at a slow pace while they work or look after family commitments.

In the end, animation courses from a good school will provide the qualifications needed for a new career - a career in one of the exciting areas of movie or television production, multimedia, industrial design, gaming, even the sciences. The student with a particular interest can focus animation training in that direction, laying a foundation for the type of employment that most interests them.

Multi media artists and animators are highly educated professionals: more than fifty percent of people employed in the profession today in the United States are university graduates. Most of these hold a Bachelor's degree. In the future, employers will continue to place a high priority on animation training and they'll be looking for candidates with the best qualifications. Animation classes will put you in the category of desirable employees.

Those qualifications will also command the best wages. Multimedia artists and animators earned annual salaries with a mid range of about $50,000 in 2005. Depending on where you work, as a new graduate of animation courses you could start at between $30,000 and $40,000 a year. The top of the average salary range is between $90,000 and $100,000 a year, with individuals in some jobs earning considerably more.

Animation is certainly a profession where you can do very well if you have talent, ambition, and the energy to work hard. Get information on the various animation courses today and get started on a great career.

Top Animation Schools

After extensive research, we can confidently recommend the following colleges for a top-notch animation education:

American Intercontinental University

Kaplan University

more than animation courses on our Accredited Online University home page

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