Associate Degrees Online

With the advancements in computer technology, more and more students are earning college credit through associate degrees online.

Because many young adults are unable to attend a traditional college due to financial or time constraints, an online associates degree is the perfect opportunity for them to get the college education they seek. Instead of spending two years attending campus classes, the student can earn an associate degree online in...often in just ten months!

An associate degree program is an undergraduate course that requires 60 hours of study. Usually, a student needs 15 credit hours to receive a degree, but the opportunity to enter an accelerated online associate degree program may be offered at some online colleges. The actual degree earned in an online associate degree program is the same as that earned in a traditional college setting. These degrees include associate of the arts, applied science, science and occupational degrees.

The benefits of online associates degrees are many. The student has the flexibility of taking courses and working on the assignments at any time of the day or night, depending on his or her schedule. A student might choose to work a full-time job and take courses at night. In addition, these associate degree programs allow the student to finish a course of study in less time than a traditional program. Thus, the student is able to enter the job market sooner.

Online associates degrees can be earned in as many areas as are offered at traditional colleges, with more programs being added each day. These include business administration, applied management, healthcare management, marketing, information technology, visual communication, criminal justice, education, culinary arts, and others.

Keep in mind that it;s important to enroll in an online associate degree program that is offered through an accredited university so you can be sure it meets the same strict degree requirements for education and federal funding that traditional programs do.

Within the last two years, the numbers of associate degrees online have risen dramatically. In fact, as many as 434 degree programs are available costing between 200 and 900 dollars per credit hour. In addition, some universities have as many students earning associate degrees online as traditional colleges have sitting in classrooms.

Students who have earned associate degrees online or who are working toward an associate degree program remark that in an e-class they have more opportunity to interact with their professors and their classmates. They can participate in real time or post questions or messages on discussion boards to be read later.

With the fast paced world today, technology actually enhances communication. This means that the number of students earning associate degrees online will rise. As it does, so will the number of disciplines offering an online associate degree program. Clearly colleges will have to adapt to this new wave of education.

If you are interested in earning your associate's degree online, take a look at our top recommended programs and choose from a number of accredited colleges and universities.

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