Best Architecture Schools

Get your degree from one of the top architecture schools

The best architecture schools will provide you with the tools you need to begin a successul career as an architect, one of the most in-demand and highest paying professions.

A degree from one of the top architecture schools can prepare you to work in one of the most prestigious architecture firms or start your own company.

Following is what you can expect to learn at the best architecture schools:

1. The art and science of building planning and design.

2. Plan implementation based on requirements and available resources.

3. Client interaction, project management and problem resolution.

4 Architectural drawing, planning, and development.

5. Familiarization with zoning laws, building codes, fire regulations and other legal issues.

The top architectural colleges will teach you all of these aspects of architecture and more, enalbing you to compete in this highly sought after field.

Best Architecture Schools

Through our extensive research we have selected the top architecture schools, those which meet our stringent criteria.

To find out more about each school, click the link below and fill out their free request forms. You can learn more about the programs they offer.

NewSchool of Architecture & Design -- one of the most innovative architectural schools in the country, NewSchool offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Science in Architecture and Masters Arch. degrees.

more than the best architecture schools on our Accredited Online University home page

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