What Are the Best Culinary Schools?

Why choose from the best culinary schools? It seems as though there's a restaurant on every corner these days. They cater to every taste: fine dining, casual, ethnic traditions, even vegetarian and organic fare.

The affluent baby boomers are into leisure time and travel, both of which mean eating out, and in this age of the global village, more and more people are traveling on business. In the competitive food service industry, a restaurant's reputation can rest on the skills of the chef - learning your skills from the best school will make you one of the chefs that a restaurant owner will stake his or her reputation on.

The best culinary arts school will teach you much more than the basics. You'll learn the secrets of cooking great food as well as restaurant management, small business ownership, catering, and other specialized knowledge and cooking lore. At the best culinary schools, you can choose to specialize - perhaps you'd like to be a pastry chef, creating beautiful mouthwatering pastries for people to treat themselves, or a sous chef. You might want to be an expert in wines and beverages, or in French cuisine. It's up to you.

Graduates of the best cooking schools have definite advantages in the employment market, finding jobs that pay higher to begin with and offer better opportunities for advancement. The better your qualifications, the better your chances will be of finding that job that will launch your dream career. And opportunities for putting qualifications from the best culinary schools to good use have never been better - the food service industry is booming. Chefs today are employed in restaurants, resorts and hotels, in large institutions, on cruise ships and in the catering industry. Everyone eats, and most people enjoy great food, so your future as a graduate of the best culinary arts school is virtually assured.

New graduates from the best culinary schools can expect a starting salary that is fairly comfortable. Depending on where you land your first good job, you can expect to earn anywhere from about $25,000 to $40,000 US. The US national average wage for chefs and head cooks is about $32,000, with the top paying industries being employers like management companies and the federal government.

With more experience, of course, your earning potential will rise. One day you could well be earning over $55,000 US as an executive chef. Salaries vary from one region to another, with executive chefs, sous chefs and other graduates of the best cooking schools earning considerably more in the northeastern United States than in other parts of the country.

If you've always wanted to be a chef, you're on the right track to a rewarding career. Find the best culinary arts school for you, and get your future started now.

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