Dental Assistant Education

The Best Dental Assistant Courses

A dental assistant education can put you well on your way to an exciting career in dentistry, one of the most highly regarded professions.

Dental assistant courses cover all aspects of daily dentist's office activity, preparing you to handle everything from taking X-rays to maintaining and processing bills to assisting patients pre and post visit.

Most dentists will agree that their practices would not run as smoothly or effectively if it were not for their dental assistants. The more skilled the assistant, the more time the dentist has to focus on the patient.

Following are some of the many things you will learn during your dental assistant education:

1. Working hands-on in a clinic or dental office to get a feel for day-to-day operations, learning the ins and outs of dentistry.

2. Managing and organizing all patient records, including appointments, billing, insurance information, etc.

3. Sterilizing and preparing all dental instruments, as well as prepping patients for their visit.

4. Taking Xrays, assisting during procedures and surgery, preparing anesthetics.

5. Providing patient care and instructions pre and post procedure.

Dental assistant courses will equip you with the skills you need to secure a job in a dentist's office or a dental clinic, giving you the edge over a less qualified applicant.

The Best Dental Assistant Courses

After an extensive review of many dental assistant training programs, we have selected a few that we can confidently recommend based on several stringent criteria.

To choose the one that's best for you, we recommend that you request information from each school so you can make an informed decision.

All you need to do is fill out a short form, and they will send you all of the details on their dental assistant courses at no cost to you, and with no obligation.

Top Selections for Dental Assistant Education

American Institute of Health Technology -- located in Boise, Idaho, AIHT can give you the training you need to be a healthcare professional. Dental Assistant courses as well as Dental Hygiene and Medical Assistant.

Everest College -- Providing quality, job-relevant training to men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Dental Assistant education as well as X-ray technician and medical assistant.

Herzing University -- Located in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, as well as several provinces in Canada. Since 1965 preparing over 35,000 graduates for computer and business-oriented careers.

Median School -- in just 9 months, you can graduate from Median’s ADA accredited Dental Assistant Program or learn advanced restorative skills while earning your specialized associate degree in our 16 month Expanded Function Dental Assistant Program.

Vatterrott College -- located in Massachussetts and Nebraska. Expert instructors and flexible schedules enable you to get the skills employers demand.

Take a few minutes and visit the schools that interest you above. Each institution will send you all of the information you need so you can pick the best dental assistant courses for yourself.

Get started today and discover how a dental assistant education can put you on the road to success!

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