Distance Learning MBA

A distance learning MBA program can help you succeed at the highest levels...

An MBA, or Masters of Business Administration, is one of the most popular and sought out post graduate degrees in the world. Now, thanks to the internet, you no longer have to attend a campus university or quit your job to achieve this degree...distance learning MBA programs are just a click away!

An accredited online MBA degree has many uses and benefits. In 2005, the GMAC reported that MBA graduates with 6 years or more of work experience were offered an annual starting salary of $97,736; as well as an added signing bonus of $17,807. Graduates with 3-5 years of acquired working experience looked to a promising wage of $89,326 in average base income, with an additional $18,390 signing bonus.

Furthermore, those that graduated with less than 3 years of experience were expected to receive annual average earnings of $68,231, with an additional $12,874 signing on bonus. Compare these figures with the reported annual income of a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business earning an annual salary base of $39,553, and this report supports the benefits of acquiring a distance learning MBA degree. Noticeably, an MBA raises the probabilities of attaining a corporate job with a generous salary and benefits.

Upon the decision to attain a higher education, it is important to note that not all distance learning MBA programs are the same. Whichever MBA program selected, the curricula may be similar, but each university will maintain diverse teaching methods and goals. If working toward an MBA online, it is significant to enroll in the best accredited online MBA program available that matches your personal and career goals.

Upon completion of a distance learning MBA program the graduate will have gained a very important learning experience. Staying current with corporate businesses requires a lifelong learning relationship and an MBA acts as the foundation of this relationship. A graduate of an accredited online MBA program will have learned the essential research and communication skills, as well as the networking and communal working abilities that are the joint components of lifelong learning.

Global corporations not only analyze the graduate’s MBA degree, but the graduate’s creative and leadership abilities growth, and personal development during their enrollment in the program. Additionally, employers look for whether the individual graduated from an accredited university.

This chosen educational route provides the enrollee the opportunity to attain work experience, while completing the requirements for the MBA degree; thus raising the opportunity for a higher annual base salary offer. Distance learning provides the flexibility and convenience highly demanded by today’s business associates. Because of the high payoff, working toward and attaining a distance learning MBA is without doubt, an ambition worth striving for.

Top Distance Learning MBA Programs

Following are our top choices for accredited online MBA programs:

University of Phoenix Online

AIU Online

Capella University

All of these schools will provide the best online MBA programs available.

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