Journalism Graduate Schools

Journalism graduate schools help dedicated journalists build the academic foundation for a successful career in journalism. The ideal candidate for one of these programs is an individual with an undergraduate degree and some solid experience in the field of journalism. Many prospective students will have completed internships to hone their journalism skills; some will also have some writing experience in salaried or freelance employment. Now they're ready to add the best academic credentials to their resumes so that they can rise to the top of an exciting and respected profession. Top journalism schools prepare candidates for both entry level employment in the field of journalism, and for further studies in journalism graduate schools. There are many good programs available including, increasingly, online and distance courses. Journalism lends itself well to distance learning because writing, the essence of journalism, is also the predominant medium of online and distance education communication. It's a partnership that makes sense, and the choice of available programs is sure to grow in the near future - there are already top journalism schools offering distance courses for undergraduate and graduate journalism students. Journalists are employed by newspapers and other periodicals, book publishers, and producers of other types of written information and communication. Journalism careers often overlap careers in broadcasting as well. Graduates of top journalism schools are preferred by prospective employers, giving them the edge in a competitive market. A small percentage remains self-employed. Individuals who have completed Masters or PhD programs at journalism graduate schools naturally get hired for the top positions by employers who know the value of formal training. A graduate of a respected journalism school must build a career with patience and hard work. Often, the first job is an unpaid internship, an opportunity to learn on the job and demonstrate valuable abilities and a solid work ethic. Hard work here opens doors later. The first paid employment often provides a fairly meager salary, but a candidate with great credentials and determination will rise steadily. This is where credentials from one of the top journalism graduate schools can help you lead the pack. Beginning salaries for graduates of top journalism schools in the United States can be less than $20,000, however, the top 10% of journalists in the United States earn more than $68,000, demonstrating the earning potential of this line of work. Those earning top salaries will be the ones who have excelled at their craft, and the ones who have invested in education from journalism graduate schools. Employment opportunities for journalists are expected to grow marginally between now and 2014, an assurance that the profession is stable and will remain a vibrant field in the future. Changes in technology and communication methods are sure to bring revolutionary and exciting changes in coming years. To get started, take a look at our top online degrees and programs section to get free information from all of the top online institutions.

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