Massage Therapy School in NJ

Many potential massage therapists are looking for a massage therapy school in NJ. This is one of the most popular states for this profession.

Let's take a look at the impressive figures for the massage therapist profession...

First, no college degree is required. Not even a 2 year associate's degree is required. Only postsecondary vocational training is needed, which can be had at any legitimate massage therapy school.

Massage therapists enjoy:

  • Annual Earnings: $28,050
  • Growth: 30.4%
  • Annual Job Openings: 7,000

Even better, this is a flexible job for people who don't want to do it full time. In fact, over 20% of massage therapists only work part time. However, if you want full time employment in this profession that's not a problem at all.

Also, becoming a massage therapist will set you up for if you want to own your very own business one day. Indeed, over 8% of massage therapists are self-employed, their own boss, calling their own shots.

All in all, if you like working with people, making them feel better, improving their health, then massage therapy school may be for you.

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