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Medical Assistant Programs

Looking into getting medical assistant certification is a smart decision. This is a job that has a very significant projected growth rate, meaning that in the years ahead, there will be a large demand for medical assistants.

Enrolling into one of the available medical assistant programs is a fast track way to an exciting, fufilling, and stable job.

But don't just take our word for it. According to the book "Best Jobs for the 21st Century" medical assistants rank #138 out of the "Best 500 Jobs Overall. This impressive ranking score is based on an amalgamation of three desirable factors: pay, growth, and number of openings per year. Talk about a reason to get your medical assistant certification!

Here are some useful facts for your consideration...

Medical assistants enjoy:

  • Annual Earnings of $23,610
  • Job Growth Rate of: 57%
  • Annual Job Openings of: 18,700

Perhaps the best part is that medical assistant programs do not require a bachelor's degree. There aren't many jobs that can boost this kind of growth rate (and hence demand and job stability) with such a small amount of time invested in education.

But don't think that this means being a medical assistant is not an important job or one that does not takes dedication and a great deal of competence.

Medical Assistant Job Responsibilities

Pay heed to these following responsibilities. And you'll get a better appreciation for how important of a role a medical assistant plays.

  • Does administrative tasks and carries out clinical responsbilities by working under a physician
  • prepares patients before the physician sees them...may record vital signs, take medical history, and administer medications.
  • employs medical instruments on patients, such as EKG's andX-rays
  • interviews patients, listens to patients, and conveys information t patients
  • handles medical records, billing, and other important paperwork

As you can see, this is a vital job and one that requires a great deal of responsibility. A good medical assistant should be good with people since much of their job requires interaction with patients.

The bottomline? If the challenge of helping people, some science related coursework, communication, and really making a difference appeals to you, with a good salary and great job stability, then a medical assistant certification may be right for you.

Top School Picks

k at Accredited Online University has lead us to several medical assistant programs that you may wish to look into. You can request information completely free of charge within a matter of minutes from each of these schools to see which one appeals to you most. Don't put off your dreams of becoming a medical assistant any longer. **TOP SCHOOL PICKS**

The Cittone Institute -- located in PA and NJ, Cittone Institute offers Medical Administrative Assistant programs.

Vatterrott College -- located in IA, KS, MO, NE, OK. Vatterrott College offers Medical Office Assistant and Medical Administrative Asstistant programs.

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