What Can't You Take Online?

A lot of colleges are putting programs entirely online now. They are allowing people to take all the classes they need in order get a degree without ever having to set foot in a classroom. This allows a lot more freedom to take classes around your family and work life. However not all degrees are available online. There are some programs that teachers and colleges stubbornly refuse to put online and require people to learn in a physical classroom.

Doctors Need Hands-On Experience

Most of the degrees that are not available online are those that require someone to have hands-on knowledge. Doctors, for example, cannot earn their entire degree online. There is lab work involved in learning how to practice as a doctor and learning what needs to be done.

Of course, this is only one example of a program that is not available online. There are many more that are not available for similar reasons. Many other Ph.D. programs are not available online for these same reasons. It is important that some people receive hands on training in these areas so that they know what to do when they are in real situations.

Education, Science Requires Classroom/Lab Work

Someone who is going into teaching will be able to complete most of their degree online though they will need to complete a student teaching session. People who want to work in fields that require lab work will also have to complete at least some of their classes in a physical room. These would be programs such as medicine, science or even therapy. These types of programs require some lab work or they will require some type of work-study program. That means that at least part of the program will need to be done in class.

With programs that require these types of things, there are still opportunities to complete some of the classes online. For example, a psychiatrist would be able to take many of their classes online, however they would have to complete some of the program with in-class training.

Another profession that will not allow you to complete the entire program online is a police officer. Being a police officer requires someone to complete an in-person academy, which requires physical ability. So if you want to be a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, lab technician or police officer you will not be able to complete the entire degree online. Instead, you will have to attend some in-person classes.

If you're looking to earn an online degree you have a lot of options. There are many different types of degrees that can be earned entirely online. However, there are many other degrees that cannot be earned entirely online. Programs that require you to work one-on-one with people such as psychology or psychiatry require at least partial in-class participation.

If you're looking to earn one of these types of degrees, you will need to take at least a few classes in a physical classroom. So if you're looking to complete a degree entirely online you will need to look into programs other than these types.

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