Online Bachelors Degrees

Online Bachelors Degrees...the wave of the future?

In the past, a degree was thought to be most helpful for those aspiring to be doctors, lawyers or highly-educated professionals only. However, in today’s vastly evolving world a degree is now considered a requirement no matter what your career goals are, giving you a significant advantage over those who don't have degrees.

Unfortunately many people are pressed for time, and due to work or other commitments they can't attend classes to further their education. With the advent of the internet, you can earn bachelor degree online on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Being able to access educational courses online enables students to move beyond the limitations and inconveniences of attending a college campus, or university.

Basically, online universities allow students to earn their bachelor degree online, while flexibility. Earning a recognized online accredited bachelors degree can be achieved in as little as 18 months; which is not long considering that most on-campus degree programs are at least 4 years long. Additionally, majority of online universities offer the same quality degrees as campus universities.

Online Bachelors Degrees - What are they?

The bachelor’s degree is the most common degree awarded by the majority of universities. The most pursued are the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts degree. It is determined that individuals that earn bachelor degree online make on average $20,000 more dollars per year than those with only a high school diploma or equivalent.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average annual income for high school graduates lies at $27,038. However, those with a bachelor’s degree maintain an average annual income of $51,206. Noticeably, research shows that attaining online bachelors degrees can raise one’s estimated income by almost double!

However, increased income is just one of the many benefits to attaining an online accredited bachelors degree. Many have heard it said that, “Knowledge is power.” For that reason, working and accomplishing the tasks required to attain a degree provides an individual with more confidence, therefore giving the individual more choices in the work environment.

Online learning presents a prospective future, but there are certain universities one must know to look for. It is essential the university chosen offers a legitimate online accredited bachelors degree program. Attaining a degree from an unaccredited institution will not be as prominent, or even legitimate. The best accredited schools, or programs, are regionally accredited. These universities provide an authentic education, and the online bachelors degrees earned will actually be prominent and legitimate. Nationally accredited schools are not second-rate, but they offer a more specialized field than institutions that have regionally accredited programs.

Irrefutably, acquiring a bachelor’s degree provides higher pay, as well as better job opportunities. More employers are requiring a bachelor’s degree, and seek to hire employees with a higher education than a high school diploma or equivalency. Whether seeking a more competitive role at one’s current place of employment, or pursuing a complete change in life, to earn bachelor degree online opens doors to numerous possibilities and opportunities that were previously considered impossible.

Top Online Accredited Bachelors Degree Choices

University of Phoenix
DeVry College
Capella University

All of these prestigious institutions will offer you an online accredited bachelors degree in almost any field you choose. Fill out a short form for details about their program offerings and decide which school is right for you.

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