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Online law degrees are gaining in popularity as distance degree technology allows family and career oriented adults the chance to pursue their ambitions.

Earning an online law degree is no less prestigious than earning a law degree the traditional way. The only difference is that it takes a little longer, usually 4 years instead of 3.

However, since many adults who are interested in distance learning degrees are already juggling a career and family, this arrangement is very suitable.

However, when looking at online law degrees, it's vital that you narrow your selection to only schools that offer accredited online law degrees.

Don't make the mistake of obtaining your law degree from a non-accredited school. If you do, the result may be a degree your prospective employers do not recognize.

Accredited online law degrees, in short, are the smart decision.

The Prospects for Law: Facts to help you Decide

You may have heard that there are too many lawyers already and that the prospects for this profession are dimming. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Consider these current revealing statistics, reflecting the year 2004:

  • Average Annual Earnings: $88,760
  • Annual Job Openings: 35,000
  • Job Growth Rate of 18%

Those are solid figures, much better than most other careers currently.

Is an Online Law Degree Right for you?

Pursuing an online law degree is not a light decision. This is a highly demanding profession.

The types of people who tend to excel at law are usually strong in such characteristics as: critical and logical thinking, verbal and writting communication, and attention to detail.

Although differnet types of lawyers have different responsibilities, many of them will perform such tasks as: presenting cases to a jury; examining and cross examining witnesses; presenting evidence in civil and criminal ligitation; preparing legal documents, such as wills, deeds, leases, contracts; acting as agents, guardians, or trustees for clients, either individuals or businesses; filing legal briefs, studying statutes, regulations, and ordinances; interpreting law and rulings.

Again, the specific tasks you'd have to perform would depend on what kind of lawyer you became, but the above list illustrates that all lawyers have intense and cerebrally demanding careers.

Make no mistake: if you think you have what it takes to pursue a distance law degree, you will garner the same respect from associates, clients, and colleagues when you finish.

Not many other professions afford the opportunity for an individual to change the world and make a difference more so than law.

Request free information from an accredited online law degrees school today.


The University of Phoenix -- the nation's largest private accredited university, the University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 and has become the leading provider of distance learning degrees.

The University of Phoenix currently has class locations nationwide, and there is a good chance there is a branch very close to you.

Finding out more about any college program is a simple process. You can talk to a representative after filling out a short form for more information. The whole process is easy -- taking only a few minutes -- and free until you are ready to make the decision to sign up for a degree program.

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