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Online Nursing Programs and Associate Degree in Nursing Online

Online nursing schools are seeing a great deal of interest nowadays for a variety of reasons. To be sure, this is a profession that has a lot going for it.

At Accredited Online University our mission is to provide you with the most up-to-date information on furthering your education online.

We will present to you a list of the most reputable online nursing programs from only accredited institutions. This is important because a degree from a non-accredited online nursing school has a very real chance of not being valued, accepted, or honored by an employer.

Online Nursing Schools : Facts to Help You Decide

Nursing is a booming profession -- and only projected to grow tremendously for the forseeable future. The best estimates place the annual growth rate of the nursing profession at 25.6%. This will produce an estimated 140,000 annual job openings.

Annual earnings for registered nurses come in at almost $47,000. More impressively, one only need acquire an associate degree in nursing online to become eligible to be a registered nurse.

An associate degree in nursing online, like other associate degrees, can be accomplished in just two years!

You'll be making money a lot faster, and with much less tuition fees than the vast majority of careers -- and earn a great deal of respect doing it.

Taken all together: an enviable salary, a brief two-year commitment at an online nursing school, and an unprecedented level of job security due to demand for nurses outstripping supply all make online nursing programs one of the best choices around when it comes to online degrees.

Accredited Online University's Top Picks for Online Nursing Programs

Following are the very best institutions that offer online nursing programs. The best way to decide which program is right for you is to request information from each online nursing school. That way you can review what each has to offer, and make an informed decision.


University of Phoenix -- the nation's largest private accredited university, the University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 and has become the leading provider of distance learning degrees.

Find out about comprehensive nursing programs taught by top industry leaders - Bachelor's Degrees in Nursing and Licensed Practical Nurse, and Masters Degrees in Nursing, Family Nurse Practioner and Health Care Management.

Why not get started on a nursing career today? It might be the best decision you ever make!

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