Online Paralegal Degree

Online Paralegal School

Getting an online paralegal degree is a sure-fire way to make yourself a hot, in demand commodity for employers in the legal profession.

There are many online paralegal programs available, but before we discuss them, consider this....

According to the book "Best Jobs for the 21st Century" paralegals and legal assistants rank #50 out of the best 500 jobs overall! This impressive ranking score is based on an amalgamation of three desirable factors: pay, growth, and number of openings per year.

Getting an online paralegal degree can pay off to the tune of: an average annual salary of $36,670, a current job growth of 33.2%, and 23,000 annual job openings. Make no mistake, this is both a prestigious and respected profession, and all the more amazing considering one only need to obtain an Associate's degree, which can be completed in two years time.

Considering all of the this, is it any wonder online paralegal programs are experiencing a boom?

Online Paralegal Degree

Before enrolling at an online paralegal school, however, you need to understand a few things required of the profession itself.

In addition to the factors cited above, there is a simple reason this job title holds a great deal of respect: it is cerebrally intensive.

Those who expect to flourish in pursuing an online paralegal degree should be prepared to tackle the following tasks and have these necessary skills: analyzing and gathering research data with a critical eye, excel in logical thinking, having strong reading comprehension, effective at verbal communication, writing, and persuasion.

An day in the life of a paralegal might consist of such activities as preparing affidavits, legal documents, and briefs, calling upon witnesses, arbitrating disputes, and researching legal precedent.

So, is an online paralegal degree right for you?

Online Paralegal School

Online Paralegal Programs

Fortunately, you can find out for free if an online paralegal school is right for you. There are many online paralegal programs that only require you to fill out a short form requesting more information about their particular program.

Then, a representative of that school will contact you to speak on the telephone, and perhaps set up a local meeting to discuss your enrollment.

Once you decide that you'd like to look further into obtaining an online paralegal degree, you must then make sure that the University that is offering it is an accredited institution. Getting your degree at an unaccredited school can mean not having real world employers recognize your degree, thereby passing you up for another job seeker. Don't waste your time and money in what could be a very costly mistake.

Accredited Online University's mission is to refer our visitors to only the most respected accredited online schools.

With just a minute of your time you can fill out a form requesting further information on their online paralegal degree program.

Accredited Online University's Top Picks for Online Paralegal Programs

Following are the very best institutions that offer online paralegal programs. The best way to decide which program is right for you is to request information from each school. That way you can review what each has to offer, and make an informed decision.


Kaplan College -- (Location: ONLINE) Part of Kaplan Higher Education, a system that includes more than 65 campus-based programs across the country, as well as an online learning option where you can get your online paralegal degree as well as other courses and programs.

Everest University Online -- (Location: ONLINE) A well-regarded accredited online institution, Everest offers Associates and Bachelor's degrees in paralegal studies as well as criminal justice/homeland security courses.

National College of Business and Technology -- -- (Location: Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia) For over 100 years preparing students just like you for the real world. Offering paralegal certificates, as well as associates, bachelors and diplomas.

Find out if an online paralegal degree is right for only takes a minute, there are no strings attached and it could change your life!

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