Physical Therapy Schools In California

There are many quality physical therapy schools in california. This should not come as a surprise given how big the state is, in addition to how many schools it has. There are many people in the state of california who need the services of a physical therapist, from the elderly to people who are recovering from physical trauma and injury.

Because of the demand, there are many recruiters who will tell you their physical therapy school in california is the best.

However, considering that to become a physical therapist requires a master's degree and, therefore, a lot of work and committment on your part, you need to select your school carefully.

But before you decide to enroll in one of the many physical therapy schools in california, you should understand that this career requires an individual with a certain level of ability. Not everybody has what it takes to become a physical therapist.

If you think you can handle the following tasks, then this might be the job for you:

  • strong written and verbal communication skills
  • studying human anatomy and biological sciences in depth
  • careful diagnoses of human injuries, assisting in recovery, understanding preventative health care
  • logical thinking, and ability to communicate effectively in group settings

An average day in the life of a physical therapist may consist of activites that involve:

  • reviewing patient's medical records in order to best determine treatment options
  • motivating and instructing patients thru physical exertion and recuperative exercises
  • assisting patients with physically enabling devices, such as prosthetic and orthotist devices, crutches, canes, etc.
  • careful recording of patient treatments and patient results, and consulting with medical practitioners on such data
  • using equipment to measure patient or client's physical condition, such as respiration, circulation, motor development, etc.

In short, there is a lot of hand's on work...and a lot of thinking, intellecutally demanding work that requires tightly focussed concentration.

Here is some interesting data we have collected for your review:

Physical therapists:

  • have average annual earnings of $56,570
  • job growth rate of 33.3%
  • annual job openings of 6,000

According to the book "Best Jobs for the 21st Century" the authors rank physical therapy an extremely impressive #138 out of the 500 best jobs overall!

Now that you have some good information about physical therapy as a career, why not look into getting some info on physical therapy schools in california.

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