Respiratory Therapist Courses

Respiratory therapist courses and respiratory therapist training can provide you with an exciting career opportunity.

But don't just take our word for it.

The highly acclaimed book "Best Jobs for the 21st Century" ranks Respiratory Therapy #223 out of "The 500 Best Jobs Overall." This impressive ranking was derived from a combination of several factors, including: annual earnings, percent job growth, and annual openings.

Here are the figures for a respiratory therapist:

  • Annual earnings: $39,370
  • Percent Growth: $34,8%
  • Annual Openings: 4,000

Those are impressive numbers, and even more so when you consider that to become a respiratory therapist only requires an Associate's degree (which can be earned in a scant 2 years time).

Respiratory Therapist Training

In addition to on the job training, respiratory therapist courses that you will be required to complete will cover such topics as: biology (knowledge of tissues and cells, etc); medicine (info on diseases, injuries, drugs and their properties, treatment methods, etc); chemistry (structure, composition, and properties of substances, etc); psychology, and more.

As you can see, although you can complete your respiratory therapist training in only 2 years before you can get your associate's degree and get a job, it's a pretty intensive 2 years. That's why this job commands a great deal of respect and prestige.


Accredited Online University's mission is to only present only best schools for our visitors. The following are some of them that offer respiratory therapy training courses.

To find out about each program, just click the link and visit each can request information at no cost.

Carrington College -- located in Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington, this recognized leader in education offers respiratory therapist associates degrees as well as medical assistant, technician and radiography courses.

Western School of Health & Business -- located in Pennsylvania, this highly-regarded institution offers respiratory therapy courses as well as medical and dental assistant classes.

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