Respiratory Therapy Schools

Continuing education in respiration therapy may be right for you

Respiratory therapy schools can provide you with the know-how to play a critical role in patient care as well as a highly sought after medical expertise.

Continuing education in respiratory therapy will give you hands on experience in a real-life setting, preparing you for any situation that may arise.

Following are some of the many aspects of your training:

1. Learning about the usage of ventilators and therapeutic gas administration.

2. In-depth work in an arterial blood gas or pulmonary function laboratory setting.

3. Working with patients and monitoring their activity and progress.

4. Advising physicians and medical staff as to respiratory procedures.

Respiratory therapy schools give you comprehensive training to prepare you for a career in a hospital, laboratory or other medical/health facility.

What are the best respiratory therapy schools?

Through our extensive research we have selected the following schools as our recommendation for the the top selections for continuing education for respiratory therapy.

To find out about each program, just click the link and visit each can request information at no cost, so it's worth it to get info from each one before you make a decision.

Apollo College -- located in Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington, this recognized leader in education offers respiratory therapist associates degrees as well as medical assistant, technician and radiography courses.

Western School of Health & Business -- located in Pennsylvania, this highly-regarded institution offers respiratory therapy associates degrees as well as medical and dental assistant classes.

Both of these respiratory therapy schools will offer you a top-notch education, and give you the tools you need to succeed.

Visit Apollo College and Western School of Health & Business today and find out more about contuining education in respiratory therapy.

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