Starting Salaries for Massage Therapy

Starting salaries for massage therapy vary from state to state, and from practice to practice, but needless to say you can make a substantial living if you work hard at it.

Unlike most careers, there is very little education needed. You do not need a college or an associate's degree. Rather, you need to take vocational courses which can be accomplished within just a few months.

In addition to location, a massage therapy salary is also dependent on how many hours you plan to work, as well as your level of expertise. Due to the physical demands of the job, most massage therapists work only part-time.

Starting salaries for massage therapy in a high-end city clinic will obviously be much higher than those in a small practice in a rural area, for obvious reasons. Some massage therapists make $60-$80 per hour, others make $30-$50.

Following are some ways to increase a massage therapist's salary:

1) Take additional courses so you can learn new techniques and increase your level of expertise. The more skilled you are, the higher your massage therapy salary will be.

2) Try to seek employment in a highly populated city, where there are more people seeking treatment and more people willing to pay for your services. A massage therapy salary will undoubtedly be higher in a city than a suburb.

3) Try to open up your own practice or start one with other equally qualified therapists. You can set your own hours and your own rates, and reap more of the benefits of having a massage therapy practice.

Although starting salaries for massage therapy certainly do fluctuate, you can be successful if you put your mind to it. Get as much training as possible, at an accredited institution such as the ones we list below, and you will be well on your way to realizing your dreams.

Following is one of the top massage therapy schools in the country:

Carrington College of Massage Therapy

more than starting salaries for massage therapy on our Accredited Online University home page

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