Top Physical Therapy Schools

Physical Therapy Continuing Education Courses

Finding the top physical therapy schools is not an easy task; you are confronted with a vast array of schools to choose from, and if you make the mistake of enrolling for physical therapy continuing education courses at an unaccredited school, it can mean not having real world employers or clients recognize your degree when you finish.

Considering that becoming a physical therapist requires a master's degree, and, therefore, a great deal of work, you should not even think about attending anything but one of the top physical therapy schools.

Because our mission here at Accredited Online University is to refer our visitors to only reputable schools, at the end of this page, you will find links where you can easily access our top school picks to request free, no obligation information from them on their physical therapy programs.

Looking into the top physical therapy schools is a smart career move. This is a job in high demand, pays well, and involves richly rewarding work (from an emotional standpoint).

And, let's face it, physical therapists are highly respected because of the physical and intellectual rigours of this profession.

Best to be honest: this career requires an individual with a certain level of ability. Not everybody has what it takes to become a physical therapist.

If you think you can handle physical therapy continuing education courses that will require the following skills, then this might be the job for you:

  • strong written and verbal communication skills
  • studying human anatomy and biological sciences in depth
  • careful diagnoses of human injuries, assisting in recovery, understanding preventative health care
  • logical thinking, and ability to communicate effectively in group settings

An average day in the life of a physical therapist may consist of activites that involve:

  • reviewing patient's medical records in order to best determine treatment options
  • motivating and instructing patients thru physical exertion and recuperative exercises
  • assisting patients with physically enabling devices, such as prosthetic and orthotist devices, crutches, canes, etc.
  • careful recording of patient treatments and patient results, and consulting with medical practitioners on such data
  • using equipment to measure patient or client's physical condition, such as respiration, circulation, motor development, etc.

In short, there is a lot of hand's on work...and a lot of thinking, intellecutally demanding work that requires tightly focussed concentration.

If the aforementioned descriptions inspire you, then looking into the top physical therapy schools should be your next move.

But before we list these schools, here is some interesting data we have collected for your review:

Physical therapists:

  • have average annual earnings of $56,570
  • job growth rate of 33.3%
  • annual job openings of 6,000

According to the book "Best Jobs for the 21st Century" the authors rank physical therapy an extremely impressive #138 out of the 500 best jobs overall!

Now that you have some good information about physical therapy as a career, why not look into getting some free info on physical therapy continuing education courses...

Top Physical Therapy Schools

Apollo College -- currently has 45,000 graduates and offers an individualized, focussed curriculum. They have campuses located in Albuquerque, Mesa, Phoenix, Portland, Spokane, or Tucson.

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