Travel Agent Schools

Travel Agent Schools Certification

Travel agent schools are booming because the baby boomers are retiring and they want to travel the world. They have the money to spend, and its fueling the entire industry. Savvy people are getting their travel agent school certification so that they can cash in on this lucrative travel industry. 

When choosing any online school, it's important that you stick to only reputable ones -- and the best ones are accredited institutions. Why is this important? For the simple reason that if you go to a school with no reputation (or worse, a bad one), real world employers may discount your degree.

The end result will most likely be that you'll have gone through all of that training, time, and expense, and still find yourself unable to land a job. Keep in mind, however, that even the best travel agency school cannot guarantee that you'll be able to find employment once you complete their certification.

That's why it's even more imperative you pick the best one so that you can to increase your chances of gainful employment.

Travel Agent Certification

Travel agent school certification is a hot ticket nowadays because travel is the world’s largest, fastest growing industry, currently at $5 TRILLION each year, and growing 23% faster than the global economy.

Indeed, travel is expected to double to $10 TRILLION by the end of the decade!

The average American spends $2,800 each year on vacations!

Tourism accounts for 10.9% of all consumer spending worldwide. Travel spending alone averages $1.4 Billion per day… that’s $59 million per hour.

Is it any wonder that travel agency school is one of the best online programs available currently?

Travel Agent Schools

Our mission here at Accredited Online University is to highlight only the best online school programs so our visitors don't have to waste countless hours searching for the right school.

After extensive research, we have narrowed down our top travel agent school recommendations to the following:

Keep in mind, many of these schools are regional, meaning they are only available in certain cities.

That's why we also display relevant ads on our site in case none of our recommended schools are near your locale.


American InterContinental University (AIU)

Minneapolis Business College

Western Business College

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