Video Production Training

Video production training can give you the tools you need to become a photographer on a movie set or in a broadcasting studio, or the digital editor for a blockbuster movie.

Video and film production is an expanding multi-billion dollar industry that promises to go on growing for the foreseeable future. It seems that if you viewed a movie every day of the week, you would still not see them all. Add to this the infinite variety of other video that is produced for television, advertising, education, internet communication etc. Now imagine the number of people who are employed in this industry. You could be one of them.

Video production courses cover filming procedures and techniques; appropriate applications for various equipment; techniques for particular situations like promotional films, documentaries, and visual journalism; and non-linear digital video editing. Rapid changes in technology are driving constant rapid change in the field of video and only cutting edge video production training can prepare you to step into that market with the kinds of current skills that potential employers are looking for.

Fortunately, the high demand for skilled people has fostered the development of video production courses in many locations and in online formats.

There are various career paths to choose from in the entertainment and media industries. You might become a producer, directing others in the production of new video. Alternatively you might choose video production training to become a camera operator, an audio or video instrument technician, a digital video editor, or one of the other specialties.

Many universities and online education providers allow you to tailor your study program to meet your personal needs and interests. If you re interested in video production courses, request information from various schools, so that you know what is available and where the best program is for you.

Employment prospects for graduates of video production courses are good. There are already thousands of job openings each year across the United States, and with a predicted 18 to 28 percent increase before 2014, there are sure to be more. Entry level salaries are in the $20,000 range, rising to well over $65,000 with experience and expertise.

For film and video editors, the demand is not as high, but the projected increase in demand and potential earnings are greater. Professionals in this field can earn over $100,000 annually. Those with the highest salaries and the most mobility are generally well educated candidates with video production training in their resume.

Most colleges and universities offering video production courses are happy to provide the potential student with detailed information about their programs. The easiest and most cost effective way to gather this information is by internet communication - if you're interested in video production education, begin your search for the right school by requesting information and comparing the programs.

Top Video Production Schools

Following are our recommendation for the very best institutions to pursue a career in video production arts:

Brooks Institute
Brown College
Everest University

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